Everything is possible with an abundance mentality (Part 2)

You can create a world of abundance or scarcity depending on the type of seeds you sow in our mind. Are you sowing seeds of success or seeds of failure? If you tell your mind that you are poor for sure poverty will become a reality in your world. What you put in your mind in life becomes a reality. We can deliberately create a world of abundance around us if we make up our mind to so.

Be grateful with the gifts you have

The world of abundance begins with you.  Count the many gifts you have instead of being concerned with what you do not have. You may not have one working eye instead of two working eyes! So what if you have one working ear? Be grateful to your creator for having one working eye as there so many 100% blind people who have succeeded in life. There is no way you can take advantage with what you do not have.  Always remember the African saying that a stick which is far away from you cannot kill a snake


The sky is a limit

Your mind has infinite capacity to make you succeed in life and it is you who puts the limits to your mind. Remove the limits and the sky becomes a limit.


God created you to succeed

God created you to success in life provided you make up your mind to do so.  The choice to succeed or to fail in life is 100% yours. You cannot blame your state in life on any one as it is your personal choice to be in that state. In addition your Creator can give you wisdom for making judicious decision provided you ask for it. Remember the gift of wisdom is normally accompanied by so many other gifts.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited