Ethical behaviour is a key to your success

Being ethical means applying acceptable standards of behaviour to the way we live our lives.You should do the right things even if no one is looking at you.  Being ethical is not a public show but a way of living.

Obey the warning bell in your mind against doing wrong things.  To be truly ethical you must be doing it for self-satisfaction and not for a  prize or public show.

Put yourself in another person’s shoes


Treat others in the same way you want to be treated.  Treat others with respect,  they will treat you with respect. Being nice to other people, they will be nice to you.

Put others first


Selfishness will get you nowhere, but doing things for others can have rewards such as friendship. Care about others along with yourself.

Be honest


Don’t cheat, because it is the wrong thing to do. You cannot achieve sustainable success in life through cheating.

Respect others’ opinions


Even though you may not agree, they are entitled to their own opinion which may vary from yours.

Be responsible


Always remember your actions have an impact on the community you live in and therefore be responsible for your actions


There are two sides to every challenge, the advantages and the disadvantages for ethical behaviour.  You will always be a winner if you take the ethical behaviour  route .




Atwijukire Deborah