Enhance your performance

Your life journey starts with the reprogramming of your mindset to be permanently fixed in success mode. Then application of the success formula follows. For sure, the time it will take for you to achieve your goals will very much depend on the speed of and consistency in your performance as the following quotes indicate;

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Tips on enhancement of performance

The following are some of the tips you can use to enhance your performance;


Prepare a plan to guide you during your life journey to success. The plan should include the mission and the roadmap of how the mission will be implemented overtime to achieve the intended results. The plan should capture all key issues in the ever-changing life environment.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupe’ry


Prioritize your activities

There are so many activities you can carry out during your life journey but you do not have plenty of time at your hands. You therefore prioritize the actions in your plan. The priority list should include those actions which will produce significant contribution towards the achievement of your results. You will need to practice the implementation of your actions in order to achieve excellence.


Time budget

In order to enhance your performance you must set strict deadlines and cultivate a desire to finish projects not just tasks. There must be a time budget for each activity and aim at completing each activity within less time than budgeted.

Hard work

To enhance your performance you should be required to work hard in order to perfect your skills. Perfection of skills leads to attainment of the results within shorter time than budgeted.


Learn the art of delegation

Do not do any work which you can delegate to someone with better skills of doing the same work. This will help you concentrate on monitoring and evaluation.



Always find a balance between quality and speed. Do not spend too much time and cost on quality beyond the time of delivering the project. You have to achieve the results within a given period to avoid the end results being overtaken by time.


Practice and hard work will make easy for you to achieve your mission in life.



Julia Kushemererwa