I am ending the day with a smile on my face

Thank Lord for the wonderful day

A day blessed with rain and sun shine

A day blessed with good speeds of wind

A day blessed with plenty of food

A day blessed with children coming home for holidays

A day you have continued to give us free food from your garden

Today being the first day of the week has been wonderful

Thank Lord for the many blessings you have showered me with

You have enabled me to interact with other people

I have received calls from many of my friends

I have received so many business enquiries

You have given me the resources I required for today

Thank Lord for guiding me throughout the day

The sun is soon being covered by darkness

Lord continue protecting at night as you did during the day

I pray for mercy to allow me to see another day

Thank you for the day as I am ending it with a smile of my face

I pray for smile continue through the night

Lord bless tomorrow as you have blessed today.

Thank for allowing me to praise and glorify your name. Amen