Are your employees working in heaven or hell?

Are your employees working in heaven or hell

The work environment is quite important to the employees of the organisation. It has a direct impact on the motivation to work hard and on the quality output.  The work place must be environmentally friendly, well laid out and lit, modern and arranged in such away to enhance the work flow and to minimise loud noise and interruptions. Many organisations are adopting eco-friendly office systems as a way of enhancing  employees’ output.


Importance of staff

The employees are ambassadors of an organisation and they therefore link it to the outside world. The quality of their work as ambassadors will very much depend on their level of job satisfaction. The biggest challenge for businesses today is learning to think about their employees the way they think about their customers. You have to appreciate that employees can make your organisation very successful.


All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Installing games in the workplace can go a long way in improving the health status and morale of staff. Short games can be quite refreshing to the player and can enhance the employee’s concentration levels.



Get the employees involved in decision making

If you want your organisation to succeed you have to make the employees responsible for the success. Facilitate them to plan for the success. Also create a win- win situation where the success of the organisation also implies the success of the individual employees.




Deborah Atwijukire