Effective communication is a must for your success

Effective communication is a must for your success

Communication is the process of exchanging information at appropriate time using various communications means in order to meet a given purpose. Communication is only complete or effective when the receiver understands the message for purposes of acting on it. You cannot therefore succeed in life unless you learn to communicate in a way that ensures you promptly receive the required response.


Do not talk for the sake of talking

Stop talking for the sake of it. You waste people’s time when you talk for the purpose of talking. You were not created just to talk but to fulfill a mission. You therefore have a right to solicit for any information or action from other people to help you in your journey to success.


You have to be a good listener

Talking does not mean you talk without pauses, comas and full stops. It takes some time for receiver to digest your message and give an appropriate response.  It annoys the receiver if you talk without stopping to listen.  I am sure you have attended a talk from someone who does give time to the audience to appreciate what his or her talk is all about.  The presentation often comes to an end without any applause from the audience. What a pity!! The art of listening is very necessary in order to give clear communication.


The uniting factor for people to succeed in life

For people to succeed in life must talk to each other about their personal successes and challenges in life in order to get comments from other people.  For sure you will get interesting responses if you care to listen.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited