Wisdom is not acquired through educational institutions. Educational institutions only equip their students with knowledge. The capacity to use your knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and sector knowledge in developing an effective solution to a life challenge is wisdom. Wisdom is therefore the cautious or shrewd or judicious application of knowledge to a given situation. Wisdom is only acquired through experience.

How do you start acquiring wisdom?

Everything in life has a source.  The source of wisdom is the Master of the Universe. He freely gives wisdom to whoever asks for it. King Solomon asked for wisdom and he got it in plenty and the rest of the necessities of life were added.   It is wisdom which will make you successful in life and not any other considerations.


You can acquire a lot wisdom by listening to wise people. Wise people do not open their mouth for sake of talking but of sharing wisdom.

Enlighten the world with wisdom

Many people take pride in sharing knowledge without first confirming that the knowledge is relevant to a given challenge in life.  Wisdom is the ability to give an effective solution to a give life challenge.


You are not necessary wise when you are the cleverest

Cleverest relates to having sharp intelligence which makes one to be quick at understanding the subject matter. Wisdom relates to cautious application of knowledge and experience to arrive at an effective solution to a given challenge in life.


Knowing that you know or do not know   the subject matter is wisdom

Do not waste people’s time if you do not know the right solution. Many people do not want to admit that they do not know the subject matter for fear of being classified among ignorant. If you know the solutions do not hide but share them with the rest.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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