Does the image of your organisation matter ( Part 2 )

Can an  image be improved ?

The image created by your organisation among the current and potential customers is responsible for its success.     It is also important  to note that your organisation’s  image is not fixed in a stone but it can be improved at any time. However it will take you a lot of effort and time to rebuild  the image of your organisation  to acceptable level  if it  has deteriorated  to the lowest level of bad image.

You can rebuild the image of the organisation using  a combination of the following;

Staff as ambassadors

Staff are  the ambassadors of the organisation to the outside world. The plan to improve image of the organisation  is always communicated to  current and potential customers through the staff. The staff must therefore understand the purpose  of   the plan  and also must accept responsibility  to implement it. It useless to implement an image improvement plan if your staff have not  been fully brought on board. Most of the negative information  about the organisations is normally  communicated to the outside world through staff.  I have  had a chance as an employer and consultant to  listen  to staff of various organisations talking   negatively about the organisation’s ways of doing things. Many of the complaints for sure give an organisation a negative image.  For sure if  one wants to  learn a lot about your organisation, he or she  just has to listen  to the negative talk of  your staff.

Customers can promote  your organisation

It is important for  your customers always to receive first class customer care service from your staff.   Once the customers are happy with your service and quality, they will start promoting  your organisation to their friends and other people. Your Current customers must therefore be in the knowhow of your plan to improve your image if you have to get some support from them. After all you should not forget  customers  that always   want to associate with organisations  which have  very good  image.

Website  and social media

You should not overlook your organisations website and social media accounts  as they link your organisation to the outside world through internet. Website and social media have become important because internet has become cheap and readily available to most  people who may want to use.  It is important therefore your website and social media to be interactive enough  to allow current and potential customers  to easily reach the organisation.

Advertising through appropriate print and other media

People make decisions based on the information they have in their possession. Therefore the plan to improve your organisation’s image should not be kept as a guarded secret. Information about your organisation image improvement and the expected benefits should be readily available to current and potential clients and other stakeholders to help them in making decisions.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited