Does the image of your organisation matter ( Part 1 )


Yes the image of your organisation  matters a lot as  far as the  capacity of your organisation  to achieve its objectives is concerned. Your organisation’s image   is   a picture  either good or bad that is  created by  your organisation in the minds of the public .  Good picture will attract business and bad picture will drive away business.

Good image

Your organisation’s good image which attracts business  may include any of the following among others;

  • a positive image
  • a success   image,
  • a responsible image
  • a value driven image
  • a quality driven image


Bad image

The bad image which drives away business  may include any of the following among others;

  • a negative image ,
  • a failure image,
  • an irresponsible image
  • a bad employer image
  • poor quality  image

I trust you will take immediate action in enhancing your image.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



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