Does a business plan matter in the success of the business? (First Part)

you can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can't have it

Yes a business plan makes a difference of whether one will succeed or fail in business. Success in business will very much depend on the effort or time you spend on planning how to successful venture into business. A lot goes behind the scene before a business is launched on the market. The highlights of what goes on behind the scene include the following;


As a promoter of a business you must have a clear picture of the mission or core purpose to be achieved as the human mind can only focus on clear mission. The chances of success are also enhanced if the mission is in an area where the promoters are interested in and have natural blessings. For example if you want to venture into dancing career, you must have an interest and blessing in dancing. It is extremely difficult to force yourself to succeed in a dancing career if you do not have interest and blessing in the dancing career.

Open mind

In business planning you must have an open mind as there are many ways that can lead you to your mission and the way you have in your mind may not be the most effective and viable one. You must be prepared to listen and learn lessons from other people’s successes and failures. You cannot therefore develop a successful business plan with a fixed mindset.

Positive mindset

This is a deliberate effort to focus your mind on the bright side of life challenges with the aim of getting positive results. You can only succeed in life if you make up your mind to succeed. Success only comes to confirm what you have already focused your mind on. Without a positive mindset, it is extremely difficult to succeed in any mission because your mind is preoccupied with doubts and negative feelings.

Believing that you will succeed

You must trust in your capability to succeed with the blessing of the Master of Universe. You cannot succeed in life if you doubt yourself and the Master of the Universe. Both your body and mindset must be focused on success. Your body could be prepared to succeed but you mind does not believe that you will succeed.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited