Do not waste your time comparing yourself unfavourable with others

Do not waste your time comparing yourself unfavourable with others

If you want to succeed in life do not ever put yourself at a disadvantage through unfairly comparing yourself with other people. I have had people say that their failure to succeed in life is because they do not have similar blessings which other people have. They feel they would be successful in life if they had the blessings which so and so have. It is important to note that one’s failure in life is not because of not being as gifted as other people. You should not therefore compare yourself with others in the area of blessings which you do not possess. For example it is useless for you to compare yourself with the tall person in the area of height when you know you are very short unless you want people to laugh at you.


Focus on your of blessings

If you want to compare yourself with anybody do so in the areas where you are blessed by the Master of the Universe. For example if you know you are ugly you can only count on your blessings like possessing a sweet voice or being a wonderful dancer among other blessings. You cannot say that you are not as ugly as so and so.


Everyone has unique blessings

The Master of the Universe is good as he makes sure that there are no two people who have exactly the same degree of blessing. For example most international football teams have players who are endowed with blessings in football but all are not exactly the same. This is why some players are strikers, mid fielders, defenders, goal keepers, managers and coaches among others. This is to recognise their special blessings in given positions.


Discover your blessings

Every person under the universe is gifted differently from the rest. It takes time for one to discover his or her blessings. The blessings may not be obvious and sometimes you may think you do not have any blessings. You must always remember you have a gift of life to start with. Take some time to list your blessings one by one and you will be surprised how blessed you are. Then you should divide your blessing into two categories those which are interesting to you and those which are not.  Prioritise those who are interesting to you and concentrate on those which appear on top of the list.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited