Do not waste your time and resources competing with others.

Do not waste your time and resources competing   with others.

I am sure you may know some people who waste so much time through competing with others in dress, cars, houses, schools and colleges, politics, media and investments among others for sake of competing. They do not see any reason why somebody else should be better than them in any area. They want to show that they are equal if not better than the people they are competing with. This type of competition is dangerous because it has no sound basis.

People have different background and missions

In life you will find is difficult to compete with other people because of different background, life experience, mission and blessings in life. You cannot therefore compete with anyone when it comes to achievement of your personal goals and mission because of   differences referred to above. Each person is responsible for his or her success in life and is not in competition with anyone. You will run or walk towards your destination on the path you have designed at your own pace with the aim of achieving your mission with the period as you have fixed for yourself.


Success in life is not through competing with others

In life you can achieve any mission provided the mission or goals in life are in the area of blessings which you are interested in. For example your mission should be in football if your most interesting blessing is football. It is possible to succeed in other areas through hard work but the chances of succeeding in life are highest in football. The area of focus for purposes of succeeding in life is often overlooked by parents and career masters when advising the children in choosing a career. I guess as parents we all want   our children to focus their mind on the chosen academic area followed by working experience even if the chosen academic area is not in line with their area of blessings.  I guess the parents and career masters choose given subjects or careers to prepare them for competition on the job market. People end up competing for jobs because they have decided to pursue an area where there not most blessed. People who have taken a career in the area of the blessing and interest are far ahead of the rest. They have already walked the extra mile and it is therefore difficult to compete with them. It is extremely difficult to compete with someone who is gifted by nature. In reality you will be competing with nobody except yourself.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited