What distinguishes a poor person from a wealthy person?

What distinguishes a poor person from a wealthy person?

I have struggling always to find out the difference between a wealthy person and a poor person.  Wealthy refers people having sustaining resources to use during your journey of life. Poor refers to people living from hand to mouth as they have not yet accumulated sustainable resources to live on. Is someone guaranteed of being wealthy or because of better education? Are you guaranteed of being wealthy or poor if you come from a given geographical area? Are you guaranteed of being wealthy or poor depending on your gender? The answer to the above questions is a no as wealthy or poor people come from all sorts of backgrounds. What then makes the difference? I have noted the following time;

Use of time

I have noted wealthy people use their productively and poor people spend their time on competition for sake of it , on complaining about anything including about themselves and on unfavourable comparing themselves with others. I had people state that they cannot be as rich as Bill Gates.  For sure you cannot be as rich as Bill Gates if you believe so.



The wealthy people I have met all a positive mindset towards life and as such they are able to see opportunities out of life challenges. They are able to see some light out of the worst situation. The poor people on the other hand have a negative mindset towards life as they see impossible roadblocks and challenges ahead of them. They have accepted their situation as being in line with the plan which the Master of Universe has for them. They are also very good at blaming their parents, teachers, religious leaders, neighbours, friends and the community for the poor situation. Therefore the way your mind is currently programmed will determine your capacity to succeed in life. I am using the word currently programmed as you have the capacity to reprogram your mindset.


Determination and hard work

Wealthy people have the determination to succeed in life despite all the challenges in life. They are prepared to confront and overcome the challenges in order to succeed in life.  They do not have any limits around their life and they believe in the sky being the limit.  The poor lack the determination to succeed as they listen more to the negative aspects of life. They have a negative approach to life. They believe there is little they can do to change their life styles. In their mind there are so many impossible road blocks and obstacles to overcome .They do not see any reason for wasting their time in attempting to overcome the impossible.


World of abundance

The wealthy people always count their blessings and they use their blessings to succeed in life.  The wealth people believe in the world of abundance. They believe in the world where everything is possible. They believe in the win win approach to life as opposed to the winner takes it all. The poor people on the other hand believe in the world of scarcity where the resources are very scarce. They believe the necessities of life including water; health services, accommodation and food are all scarce. They believe their blessings if any are very limited. The poor people believe that they are left at the mercy of the Master of the Universe to survive in the harsh world.



Wealth people believe in working hard now in order to create a bright future. They believe in designing and creating a future which is beneficial to mankind. They believe in the world of abundance in terms of resource both renewal and non-renewal.  The poor person on the other hand believes in a difficult future full impossible challenges and roadblocks. They believe that there is very little they can do to change it. They are at the mercy of other people to change their future for them. They have handed their future to the government and the wealth people in society to deal with. They concentrate on complaining about the difficult environment and the fact little is being done by those in power to change it.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited