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Developing a staff-positive culture in an organization

The employees are the greatest asset to the organization as they create a vital link with customers and other key stakeholders. They are the ones who attract, serve, and retain customers. They are responsible for the company’s reputation and growth. Without them, organizations will not exist in business.

The challenge most organizations face is the lack of an effective program to continuously develop and maintain a positive staff team that focuses on the success of both the organization and the employees. The organization’s success manifests itself through improved reputation and continuous business growth.

This can be achieved in an environment where employee productivity, morale, and engagement are high.  This article highlights key areas to focus on in cultivating a staff-positive culture toward success.

These include the following among others;

Positive mindset;

The organization should cultivate an optimistic staff attitude that focuses on the mutual success of both the employees and the organization.  This approach will motivate staff to work smart to achieve the goals of the organization. They will have the motivation to confront and overcome challenges that may arise in the course of implementing the goals of the organization.

A credit the employees as ambassadors

The organization has to facilitate and recognize employees as its ambassadors or representatives. This is important as they link the organization to the internal and external customers and other stakeholders.

As ambassadors they represent and explain the organization’s brand and its promise to the customers and other stakeholders. Without the support of employees, the brand of the organization will not be well known resulting in reduced revenue.

Setting of goals

The employees are the ones who will help the organization walk its journey from the current state to the desired future state. They are the ones to implement policies and actions developed to achieve organizational goals.

They have therefore to understand and appreciate the mission and goals of the organization. It is easier for the employee to be part and parcel of the organization’s journey whose mission, goals, and actions they clearly understand.

Creating a mutually beneficial success environment;

The organization should deliberately create an enabling environment to implement a win-win success formula for the organization and its employees.  The success of the organization should translate to the success of the employees and vice versa.

The work environment including physical, working conditions, and organization culture should be conducive to the achievement of success.

Winning team

The employees should be developed into a winning team with a clear purpose and endowed with stamina, a positive mindset, and the right competencies that will enable the organization to achieve its goals.

The employees should be empowered to work with minimum supervision.

Build trust

The organization should build an environment of trust with employees for them to appreciate that they are trusted by management to deliver the results as planned. They should be given the necessary support during the process of implementing the goals.

Improve on communication

Effective communication channels for the exchange of information necessary for decision-making should be developed and implemented. Right and up-to-date information helps a lot in identifying problems and developing effective solutions to overcome them.

Develop open door policy

Management should create an environment where the employees are free to raise questions and complaints, put forward suggestions, and even challenge the way the actions are being implemented without the fear of being victimized by the supervisors.

The open-door policy if well implemented will create an environment of open communication, discussion, and feedback resulting in continuous improvement and achievement of goals.

Performance evaluation and feedback sessions

The performance evaluation should enable staff to periodically measure their performance against the set performance goals for the period.

The evaluation exercise should be followed by one-on-one feedback sessions that create an opportunity for identifying areas for improvement.

The evaluation exercise also creates an opportunity to assess the reasonableness of the performance targets for the necessary adjustments.

Reward performance

The employee reward system or program should recognize the work done and achievement of the employees in the organization’s journey toward its mission.

The success of the organization should be translated to the success of the employees through reward systems. The organization’s reward system should be seen to be fair by employees.

 Celebrate success

Employees should be allowed to play and celebrate their success to avoid creating an environment of boredom. Deliberate opportunities for celebration should be created by the organization.

The celebration opportunities should include customer day, the launching of new products, and the achievement of milestones among others.


The development of a staff-positive culture in an organization should be a result of deliberate effort as it cannot happen on its own. The culture if well-developed will lead to a win-win successful environment for both the staff and the organization.