Develop a positive mindset to overcome challenges towards life situations

Success will only come to you if you are prepared to receive it both mentally and physically. There is a need to have a deliberate positive mindset or attitude towards individual life or business challenges.

It is the mind that makes us understand, reason, judge, sense and act during the process of overcoming challenges.

With a positive mindset, the energies and determination to overcome challenges are greatly enhanced.

The positive mindset will provide you with the confidence to walk your journey to the world of success.

You cannot overcome a challenge which you are not prepared to act on. It is possible to programme your mind into an active mode if you attend to the following critical issues;

Responsible for your success

Your success in life is a person choice. You either choose to succeed or fail in life depending on the programming of your mindset. It is important to be clear in your mind that you are 100% responsible for your success. You have to walk the journey to your desired mission and no one will walk it for you. God created you to be accountable for your success and you cannot delegate this responsibility to anyone else. Others can only support you during your journey to the world of success.

Stop the blame game

You cannot succeed in life if you love blaming other people for your misfortune or challenges in life. The plan or road to success is never smooth but includes challenges of various magnitudes which have to be overcome to reach the desired destination. You cannot blame your life challenges and failure to succeed in life on anyone. It is always important to note that no one is exempt from facing the various life challenges in life.

Associate with right people

To enhance your chances of success in life, you have to associate with people and organisations with which you share similar values and mindset approach to various challenges in life. The people or groups you associate with will either support or disrupt you in life. As the proverb states ‘Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise but the companion of fools suffers harm’ Proverbs 13.20. You will, therefore, enhance your chances of success if you associate with right people and organisations.

Discouragement by failure

It is also important to appreciate that failure is part and parcel of life and, therefore, cannot be avoided. People develop smart ways of overcoming challenges through lessons of life learnt through the various challenges which they overcome. Through the challenges or failure in life, one can learn what approach in life works and that does not work.


Success in life so much depends on the state of your mindset towards various life situations. The positive or open mindset to life is the right default mode to success in life.


Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited