Determination to succeed is like

Determination is the state of mind when the only choice you have is to move forward to your world of success despite the challenges along the journey.  It is the state of mind to look for solutions when you are faced with challenges.  There is always a solution around you if you bother to search for it.

Aiming to get satisfaction in life

What matters in life is how you start your day. Do you start your day with the determination to succeed? Whatever you have in your mind early in the morning becomes a reality for each day of your life.  Wake up with the determination to succeed and you will succeed.


Your door to the world of success

You can only succeed in life through the door of determination. The door of determination has many obstacles which can only be overcome through hard work. With determination there is nothing impossible for you to overcome. With determination for sure you will always move forward in your journey of life.


Focusing on your target

Determination is focusing and concentrating on your mission until you achieve it. You have to forget all other targets around you but concentrate on one target at a time if you have to achieve your target. You cannot shoot successfully at two targets at the same time. You can achieve all your targets if you aim one target at a time.




John  Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited