Does a customer have any right?

Does a customer have any right?

The customer is a king and  is the reason why everyone in an organisation exists. Everyone in the organisation is at the service of the customer. The customer has a right to take his money somewhere else for spending. The customer  can only spend his or her money on our products and services if we  treat the customer  in a right way and also respect his or her rights. The key rights of the customer are as follows;

Right product or service

Extra care should be taken when preparing goods or services for delivery to the customer to  ensure the right products or services are  delivered.  It is quite annoying for example in the restaurant when you are served with food or drink  which you did not order. Take some time to clearly write down the customer’s order to ensure right goods or  services are delivered by the staff.

Supply  at the right place

The place of delivery  should not be assumed but confirmed at the time of receiving the order. If you are not so sure of the delivery place please reconfirm the delivery place  with the customer before goods are  despatch.

Supply at the right time

A customer orders  goods or services  to fulfil a given  a purpose within a given time. Delayed delivery always  frustrates the customer in fulfilling the purpose for which goods or services  are ordered. Goods or services should be delivered within the right time as requested by the customer. I am sure you have had stories of delivery of goods or services after the function for which they were ordered had passed.

Supply at the right price

The customer negotiates a selling  price with the supplier  and all supplies should be effected using the agreed price. If there is no agreed price then supply should be made using the price  generally offered by the company to its customers.

Entitled to right quantity

The customers are generally irritated by suppliers who do not follow their orders to the letter  and end up delivering  wrong quantities. Always reconfirm the customer’s  order before effecting the delivery.

Should be delivered in right condition

Goods should delivered in right condition both in quality and state. For example  do not deliver live goats if the customer ordered frozen goat meat. It is important to follow the specifications of the customer.

Delivery should be to the right customer

You sometimes get a knock on your door to receive delivery for which you did not place an order because the supplier is not delivering goods or services to the right customer. It is important to get the right address for delivery from the customer.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited