Why is a customer a king?

Why is a customer a king?

The customer with effective demand never bargains with any supplier as he or she can divert the order to many suppliers offering quality goods and services on good terms. Therefore the customer is the reason why business men and women exist in business and without current and potential customers will mean the end of the global economy.  You cannot produce goods and services if you are assured of effective demand. You cannot therefore run a profitable business empire rotating on your personal needs as your personal needs are not the needs of customers. In business we do not assume of effective either current or potential customers unless we have done some research on it .This is what Henry Ford says about the customers;


The customer is the centre of business activities

Everything done in the business including procurement, finance, production, staffing and marketing among others rotates on the customer. Without the customers all the business processes will not take place.  They are the customers who inspire entrepreneurs to venture into business as they are assured of effective demand.


 Employees exist because of customers

I am always surprised by the ignorance of employees about their key role in an organisation. Each employee thinks that he or she is unique and special and forgets about their key role. Some of them are quite annoying as they are arrogant enough to say that they have nothing to do with customers as that was not part of terms of employment. It is important for all staff to know and appreciate their key role in an organisation as to attract, serve and retain customers. Short of this the affected employees should be encouraged to leave as they do more harm to the organisation than the little benefits if any they bring on board. Many of the internal challenges faced by organisation are mainly caused by employees who are negative about the customer and at the same time not business oriented. The only smart employees are those who can fulfill their key role towards customers.


Customers can be engaged as ambassadors

If you are smart enough you can engage your customers as your unpaid ambassadors provided   you supply them with quality products and services and at the same time accord them VIP customer service treatment. Loyal customers want to associate with their suppliers of quality products and services. They can produce quality products and services only if they   receive quality products and services from their suppliers.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited