Customer care service can make you a millionaire


Customer care is the service provided to customers before, during and after the sale of goods and services. The aim is to ensure the customers are bonded and retained to guarantee continued future sales.

Through customer care your organisation is able to achieve the following;

The customer is king

Customer care provides a platform to demonstrate that customers are kings and they are number one in your organisation. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your respect to customers and the value your organisation attachés to customers. It is expected that the customer will give their business to suppliers which gives them maximum value


Demonstrate our culture

The culture or values of the organisation is what gives it an identity. Customer care provides a platform to demonstrate and communicate your culture to customers. Most customers   love dealing with organisations which are value driven.

You are allowed to do this, don’t worry about the rules, don‘t worry about getting into trouble, your job is to take care of the customer, your job is to make that person leave happy.  And you have all kinds of leeway to do that.”John Pepper


Enhance our reputation

Customer can only come to know your brand through your activities under customer care. Customer care provides you with a platform to demonstrate that you have a living brand through the employees of the organisation.

the purpose of a business

Feed back on quality of customer care

Through customer care customers your organization will receive feedback on the quality of customer care. The quality of customer care takes into account the following;

  • Treatment of customers by the gateman
  • How promptly and warmly they are received at the reception
  • The ambiance at the reception
  • Where they are sited and doing while waiting to be served
  • The facilities to customers while still at reception
  • The continuance feed back to customers while waiting to be served
  • The promptness in answering calls and follow up with customers


Feed back on quality of goods and services

The customers will let know whether your goods and services meet their needs. The feedback will come to you through so many channels including the following

  • Customer complaints on quality
  • Returns of goods
  • Lost sales
  • Negative articles in the media



24 hour customer service

Through customer service you are able to demonstrate your customer service. The service is provided through either real people or machines or a combination of the two. It is important to note that some customers hate listening to machines. In case you are using machines let the customer know that the response is automated.

to keep more clients

Customer code

A copy of customer code should be readily available at the reception on your website.

Demonstration of good customer service

You can demonstrate your customer service through the following;

  • Speed of answering calls
  • The importance the staff attach to the guests at reception
  • Quality of chairs at the reception
  • Provision of TV
  • Internet connection for waiting for long period
  • Convenience place
  • Provision of water and Tea in waiting room
  • Current literature on the organization
  • Current newspapers and magazines
  • Photos of different occasions with customers
  • The awards you have received
  • Who and who has been to your premises
  • Evidence of what your organization has done for the community

customers service is not a department


one customer well taken care of

High quality customer care will make your organization number one in the minds of customers. Customers will line up to buy your goods and services because of your quality of customer care.


Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,