Creative fertile ground for growth of top line income

Creative fertile ground for growth of top line income

With the increase in competition, it is becoming difficult for an organisation to achieve a rapid growth in gross income. To achieve in top line, management has to be quite innovative and think outside the box for the growth to happen. Despite the competition, it is still very possible to grow the top line income provided the conducive environment is in place. The environment includes some of the following;

Business strategy

The organisation should have a living growth oriented business strategy which is subjected to review on regular basis. A number of organisations tend to lean more on growth of the bottom line through cost savings resulting from effective application of processes, people and technologies. There is a limit for costs savings and the time will come when the organisation has to grow its top line revenue.


Customer is king

It is important to note that the organisation exists because of customers. The customers of today are quite demanding and the organisation must be prepared to meet their demand. The importance of the customer is highlighted by Mahatma Gandhi through the following quote;


Staff accredited as ambassadors

Has the organisation accredited its staff as ambassadors of the organisation or they are still just employees. Is the role of staff of attracting, serving and retaining customers well understood by everyone in the organisation? Once the staff are happy, they will take care of the customers who bring in money.

Ian hutchinson

Positive mindset

Ensure there is I can do attitude across the organisation from the gatekeeper to the CEO.

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Efficient and effective two way communication

The purpose of communication is for people to respond with right action. Your communication should be respective of people despite their position in the organisation.

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 Take advantage of Technology

 The organisation can achieve much if it takes advantages of the opportunities offered by technology in time of speed, capacity and coverage.

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In order to grow the top line an organisation should be prepared to create a conducive environment for the top line to grow.


John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,


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John Muhaise-Bikalemesa (JMB), a Certified Public Accountant , with over 35 years’ experience in business strategy, capacity building, business risk management , diagnostic studies, tax advisory, project management, due diligence and feasibility studies, business plan development, capital raising, business and share valuations, business development, assurance services , institutional development and diagnostic studies across various sectors. John has traveled widely across Africa and provided strategic and thought leadership direction to various organisations in Africa and beyond.

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