The convenience of working from home

I am sure you would love the idea of working from the convenience of your home. You have your kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, bedroom and compound all available for your comfort. You have the liberty to do your work any time. There is no need for formal dressing. You do not have to suffer with early morning and after work traffic jams. This is popularly known as telecommuting, a practice in which an employee works away from the actual business facility at which he/she is employed.

Benefits of working from home

Kevin Keruse  in his article of 18 December 2012 titled ‘ the top 10 benefits of working from home based on survey results and  Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls summarizes the benefits as follows:

  • Environmentally friendly (23%)
  •  More time with family (29%)
  •  Less stressful environment (38%)
  •  Quieter atmosphere (43%)
  •  Eliminate long commute (44%)
  •  Less distractions (44%)
  • More productive (45%)
  • Avoid traffic (47%)
  •  Save gas (55%)
  • Work/home balance (60%

IT is an enabler of working from home

If you are working from home you will maintain close contact with coworkers and supervisors via various forms of computer, Internet, and communication technology.

No boss breathing down your neck

I am writing this from comfort of my house sited at  my small desk.  If you want to know what working from home really looks like, then continue reading. It sounds like a dream come true. No boss breathing down your neck. No spontaneous meetings to talk about “innovation” and “teamwork.” No wasting of my time by  fellow staff

Challenges of the reality

But the reality is far more complicated. There are a lot of distractions staring at you. Does the TV just a few feet from you threaten your productivity? How do you keep from getting distracted with domestic duties? How do you handle a friend who stops by unannounced in the middle of the day? What about the temptations of taking a nap?


The following are some tips that can help you effectively work from home.

Dress Up

Resist the urge to work in your pajamas. It can be tempting since you are home but then it’s hard to take yourself seriously as a worker when you look unemployed. Dress in your normal work attire or get an alternative that reinforces the idea that you are in office working.

Prepare a Schedule of work

A schedule of work helps you to maintain a distinction between your personal and professional life.


Communicate with co-workers

Always stay in constant contact with the office.  Though you are working from home, your co-workers should never feel as if you are far away.  Another risk of working from home is “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome. If your boss and teammates only see your face once a month, they might forget how much you contribute to the success of the company. The solutions include videoconferencing and free video calling services provided by Skype, Google Hangout and Apple’s FaceTime among others.


Move around your work place

Moving your work space is an effective way to kick-start creativity and refresh your energy levels when working from home. You could read from bedroom , sitting room , dining , house verandah , garden and any other in your home. If you cannot move your work space then you could consider having short breaks to refresh your mind.


Take time to visit the office

You should occasionally meet up with colleagues at the office for face-to-face interactions as this also helps to maintain a good working relationship.




Okiria Samuel