Life isn’t easy as I used to think I will succeed It’s because when I think success I see it comes   I will succeed! It’s because I have to try time and again That I will succeed! I know that I am worth and I never settle for less I will succeed!   When […]

You cannot succeed in life by being a coward

You are a coward if you give fear and self- concerns a permanent home in your mind. This means you have forgotten the reason why the Master of the Universe created you for. He created you to succeed in life through hard work and determination. There is no reason whatever for you possessing hands, legs, […]

To succeed in life you need to swim in deep waters

Our children are of the elite of Africa are too much spoon feed   with everything to the extent they cannot think on their own.  Everything dad and mum are reference. From childhood they are awakened up, encouraged to bathe , encouraged to eat , supervised as they dress up and when doing home work   and […]

Success in life is your  personal  responsibility

We are in this world to achieve our  purpose in life that  entails moving from our current unsatisfactory  state to our  desired future state.  Success is only  possible  if  our    purpose in life  and  our  desired future state  are  clear enough which tends not to be the case. There is    therefore  a need  for us  […]

Your body language can help you in winning every time you present (Part 4)

Your body language can help you in winning every time you present

You are free to communicate either verbally or non-verbally through the signs you make using your body. You can use your body signs to convey a good or bad message to the audience. Your body will for sure communicate what is in your mind. The body communication tends to give more information than the verbal […]

Abnormal behaviour prevents us from succeeding in life (Part 6)

It quite easy to succeed in life if you have a gift of attracting right people to yourself.  The people you attract will provide you with effective demand for your goods and services. People will be attracted to you because you have something to offer which meets their needs. The people will love to associate […]

Exceed your limits in order to succeed in life

  In success the sky is the limit and therefore you can aim as high as you want.  There is nothing final success as doors of opportunities are continuously being opened for you. You can only make a world record by exceeding your limit. Do not forget that limits are what we put in our […]

Lord Today I can see

Thank you Lord for my sight I can see the beauty of your creations I can see the beautiful combinations of your creations I can  see what you have made available to me I can see the resources you have given I can see the results of my hard work I am able to select […]

Negative beliefs about yourself will not make you succeed in life

You cannot succeed in life if you do not believe in yourself. You have to trust yourself that you can do it. Other people are only therefore to support you to succeed in life but only when you ask them to support you. Many of us believe now days that we cannot add without a […]