Ideas About Retirement Plan

Ideas About Retirement Plan

Planning is important in our lives to avoid undertaking life journeys without expectations. Your life can be divided into two parts with part 1 referring to life when you are either on the job or business market for a reward and part 2 is when you retire from part 1 activities and engage yourself in […]

Success lessons from the forest

  The forest is a place of mystery. Many plants and animals live and thrive in forests. They survive by interdependence. The forest is always beaming with life and all plants , animals, insects and birds depend on each other in order to survive. For example monkeys depend on plants for their survival and the […]

Improve your strength for success

Strength is an important component of success at work and in most events.  It is not inherited but can be acquired through training.   Strength refers to; Physical strength Virtue and uprightness Courage Stamina Persuasiveness Understanding one’s strength is very difficult until you face a challenge. Strength gives you the will power to overcome challenges. It […]

5 reasons why you have to be a leader to succeed in life

succeed in life

I have a habit of asking people whom I interact with to tell me their mission in life and whether they want to succeed in life. I request people to tell me of why they were created and placed on this planet. I have always received a vague answer from majority of them. Many people […]

Never Give Up when  you are walking to your success

You are on a journey to your world of success through the highway you designed to take you there. Your world of success is what you have clearly painted in your mind. It is specific to you and it is not a matter of copy and paste. The highway to your world of success is […]

There is no excuse for not succeeding in life

Dream big to achieve big Dreams become true if they are implemented. The value of the goals you achieve will depend on the size of the initial dream. The bigger the dreams, the bigger the goals you will achieve. Program your mind to dream success What you put in mind becomes a reality. Develop a […]

Abnormal behaviour prevents us from succeeding (part 1)

We are still continuing with examples of abnormal behaviour which prevent many of us from succeeding in life. The common examples include the following; Drunkard There are people who cannot control their drinking habits. They drink excessively and they end up doing funny things in public. These people are an embarrassment to the people and […]

Climbing the Mountain of Success

Walking the journey of success requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice and determination together with a positive mindset. As you move  on your journey you meet a lot of challenges but the challenges  should not stop you from moving forward.  Coward people will run away but positive minded people move forward. In life  you […]

The world of success belongs to the high performers

The high performers are focused on sustainable success of the organization in terms of both top and bottom line performance. They work hard to achieve the goal of an organisation. They tend to be focused more on the effective use of the resources available to the organization for better results. They are decisive in decision […]

Your Highway to Success

You have to paint a clear picture of your dream world for it to become your mission in life.  Dreams always come to your mind every moment and you also tend forget them every moment.  Documentation therefore makes   your chosen dream world more clearer in your mind for you to design a highway to take […]