Management of risks in business

Businesses face many risks; risks are events, situations or circumstances which lead to negative consequences for a business. Risk management focuses on identifying what could go wrong through analysis, assessment and evaluating of risks and implementing strategies to deal risks exposures. Risk management increases the likelihood of successfully achieving your businesses objectives   Tips for […]

Risk Management at it’s worst but lady luck comes in

The following became true for the young boy; WATCH: Shocking moment child is run over by car in China and escapes with barely a scratch……….   For more reading

How do you  improve the image of your organisation.

How do you improve the image of your organisation.

You  can proactively  improve your image in the mind of the public through  designing and implementing an image improvement plan. The plan is aimed at achieving certain objectives through taking  deliberate actions. For better results , you must obtain the buy-in of the staff   who are expected to implement the image improvement plan. The purpose […]

What can go wrong with your business?

What can go wrong with your business?

A business is faced with a number of risks both internal and external which if not properly managed can bring the business down. There so many things which can wrong  in areas of quality of products or services, employees , customers, working capital , IT , raw materials and power among other things.  Are we […]

You can manage your risks to succeed in life

You can manage your risks to succeed in life

Risk management relates to the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks in order to develop and implement a risk mitigation strategy. Risk management is a process which gives assurance that ensures risk exposures in an organisation are properly managed to enable an organization meet its goals and objectives. An organisation is faced  on daily   basis with […]

Business security creates opportunities and challenges

Business security creates opportunities and challenges

Business security has of recent become a top priority in the business world because of its upsetting impact on the business sector. Business security has become important because of the following reasons; Increased global terrorist attacks on business premises Risk exposures resulting from advancement in Information technology Challenges caused by increased volume of knowledge and […]

Risk management during your journey to success

Risk is about what can go wrong during your journey to the world of success. Many things can go wrong because issues which are not properly thought out at the beginning of the journey.  The list of things which can go wrong may include the following; The mission may not be well defined or the […]

Manage Credit Risk to run Successful businesses

Credit risk simply defined as the probability of loss due to a customer’s failure to make payments on any type of debt. The risk accrues to the suppliers of goods , finance  and services and  relates to loss of  principal and interest, disruption to cash flows as a result of delayed payments  and increased collection […]