Excessive pressure to perform can lead to fraud

Excessive pressure to perform can lead to fraud

You are sometimes put on excessive pressure by management or any other authority in case you are not an employee to deliver a given assignment or achieve predetermined level of performance within a specified period. This is often accompanied with threats of serious consequences.  Serious consequences could mean dismissal in the case of employees. There […]

There is power in the name of the Lord

  Almighty Father heavenly King I thank you for the gift of life I thank you Lord for this wonderful day Lord I believe in your Holy Power That breaks all the chains Lord break all the chains of fear and failure in my life Break the bondage of anger, pride and unforgiveness in me […]

Nairobi goes digital for parking fee payments

No more hassle looking for parking attendants by drivers as parking payments will go digital in Nairobi For more reading http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Nairobi-goes-digital-for-parking-fee-payments/-/539546/2423386/-/jjs5liz/-/index.html  

A prayer for success

  Father Almighty I thank you for today I thank you for the gift of life I thank you Lord for all my achievements I thank you for  my positive  mindset I thank you for the continuous wisdom bestowed  upon  me I thank you Lord for breaking all the bondage holding  me back  from succeeding […]

You must be an early bird to succeed in life

It is believed that most successful people tend to be early risers It starts from childhood Waking up early to go to school Starting early to recite prayers, alphabet and mathematical table Acquiring   knowledge early before your mind gathers dust, Early morning time is when your mind is still pregnant with powerful dreams The dreams […]

Plan your day your day to be more efficient

In order to have a successful day you must plan the activities for that day. Planning will help  you in developing  mitigation strategies to deal with uncertainties of  the day. Planning will also make you more confident during the day. In the process of planning,  you should write down the various activities which you could […]

Age is a number and do not complain of old age

I have   friends   who have retired from work because of old age. They are all between the ages of 65 and 80.  I tell them age is a number and it is also mindset issue. Once you link the number to retirement and slowing down, the reality will happen.  When I ask them what will […]

Secrets in a lady’s bag

A lady’s bag serves as a constant companion where she goes. She refers to it for information or support at all times. She will keep herself busy using the contents of her bag when bored or waiting for someone.   A lady’s bag is statement describing the class the lady belongs to. It is a top […]

Why a negative mindset causes failure (and how to develop a positive mindset)

you are today where your thoughts have brought you - james allen

Negative mindset can take different forms including the following; Expecting bad things to  happen  Imagining nothing good will ever happen for you Fear about health deteriorating Fear to be abandoned by the spouse Expecting the car to break down Fear  your career can be ruined Why worry about what you do not have? Why waste your […]