Be with me Father

  Lord I know that your grace is always sufficient for me This day, this hour Moment by moment I choose to lean on you, For when I am at my weakest your strength is strongest. When I fall down you raise me up When I have no hope, you are the source of my […]

It can be painful when you are considered to be the richest

Riches are like a double sided sword. If you use it properly it will accomplish many tasks for you and you will be happy. But it can also cut you! This is also true with wealth. Speaking to CNBC from his company’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma  says he […]

How to Get Started Achieving Your Dreams

A lot of us are dreamers and we do not know how to start. Simple, first research on how to achieve your selected dream and second you have to be committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your dream. Finally, count your blessings and play to your strengths… more      

You can always present to win

Quite often opportunities arise for you to present your goods and services to a potential customer. You have a choice either to win or lose depending on how you make the presentation. It is possible to make sure you win most of the presentation. You have to understand that a presentation is not just standing […]

Lord your power surpasses everything

I thank you Lord All powerful and ever living God I thank you for today I thank you for the gift of life I thank you for your power that surpasses all understanding and everything in the Universe I believe in you alone Lord I surrender all my burdens to you Lord I commit all […]

Lord grant your favor to succeed in life

Lord you created me to succeed in life You have surrounded me with all the resources I require I am already on journey to my mission of success Lord I pray that my mission is in accordance with your will Lord shower me with your favor and grace To turn my fear into courage To […]

Trust in the Lord, the Master of the Universe

  Almighty Father, creator of heaven and earth, giver of life We are humbled Father by your greatness, for you alone are most Holy With you Lord, we put our all trust, For its only you who can fulfill all promises We thank you Lord, for the gift of life, We thank you for the […]

Faith chases away our enemy number 1- FEAR

Oh Master of Universe insulate us from the fear which is our enemy number one. Fear affects our mindset. Fear and positive mindset cannot co-exist. Fear manifests itself in different ways but all is fear. Fear of failure Fear of water Fear of height Fear of speed Fear of working hard Fear of sleeping Fear […]

Through hard work you reap rewards

Dear Lord my today’s journey of life is about to end after a hard days work. During my journey through the highway to success I did not encounter any traffic jam as very few people were on it.  I have however experienced a lot of challenges including, lack of commitment and discouragement from people, lack […]