You can inspire others by putting a smile on their face

Herman Kasekende CEO of Standard Chartered Bank hands over a house to Francis Ssekatawa, 14, and Livingstone Ssempebwa, 17 of Kiboga district.

Herman Kasekende CEO of Standard Chartered Bank hands over a house to Francis Ssekatawa, 14, and Livingstone Ssempebwa, 17 of  Kiboga district. A smile on your face is a sign of self-esteem indicating that you know you are confident of the future. It is a sign that you have a positive approach to various life […]

How Rich People Think

What separates the rich from the rest of us isn’t so much what they do but how they think. It is the way they program their mindset.  We can borrow a leaf from them  in order to start our journey to success……read more    

Keep  your fire burning

  You have to keep the fire in you burning in order to achieve your mission.  The fire in you will energize you as you walk to the world of success. Get started Start now lighting your fire. You must have a mission to achieve  and a passion to achieve it. Your passion will keep […]

The Importance of Packaging

Packaging refers to processes and materials used to contain, handle, protect, and/or transport an item. It should add value to the product and give the right impact to your customers. Packaging influences sales to a great deal. Getting it right is important. The uses of packaging Protection Packaging should protect the item from contamination or […]

Transform, Lord, my weakness and poverty

Look, Lord, on an empty vessel that needs to be filled In faith I am weak – strengthen me. In love I am cold – warm me and make me fervent so that my love may go out to my neighbour I doubt and am unable to trust you completely Lord, strengthen my faith and […]

Prayer for peace in the world

  Almighty God, from whom all thought of truth and peace proceed: We commit to you the whole Universe, We pray for peace in the whole world, We pray for wisdom to those who take counsel for the nations of the earth Father co- lead with our leaders, so that peace may prevail Make us […]

He is Lord

Father almighty I adore you and praise your name In every situation Lord you are the same, you remain holy Lord, you never change You are always there for us even when we go astray You still forgive us and make us worthy to be in your presence You still and will always be our […]

Lord your love for us is beyond human imagination

  God Almighty Father, we praise your name and adore you We thank you Lord for giving us this wonderful day We thank you for the gift of life, family and friends We thank you for your grace that has no measure We thank you for your unconditional love We thank you for your protection […]

Top 10 warning signs of employee fraud.

In my previous employment capacities, I was in charge of recruitment, development and retention of employees among other staff matters for a number of years. This has enabled me to understand what determines the culture of the organisation. On moral issues, I can say with confidence that majority of employees are quite honest and trustworthy […]

Guide me to be a good leader

Thanks Lord my God for the wisdom I need your help to be a good leader I need your help to discern good from bad To always make wise choices; when two paths seem to be equal, I need your help to be a good listener Help me to trust your guidance. Give me a […]