There is nothing impossible with God

Lord Almighty Father I come in your presence with a weary heart I   am having a lot of challenges in my life My mind has been hijacked by fear I see myself confused because I don’t know where the next day will lead me All my plans have failed and I feel Lord I don’t […]

Thank you God for the wonderful creation

  Dear Lord Master of the Universe We are humbled by your great creation which is very unique and beautiful We thank you Lord for making us apart of the beautiful creation, for creating us in your own image We thank you for this entire beautiful world around us We thank you for your continuous […]

Lord instil in me the abundance mindset

I thank and glorify you my Lord You are the Master of the Universe You created the world as part of the universe and filled it with resources which mankind requires to succeed. I have been enjoying the resources like a thief A thief never says thank after robbing you. He curses and abuses you […]

Living a happy life

Life can either be something you embrace or something you hide from. Stop making things complicated for yourself and just enjoy happy life. It is  much simpler and enjoyable living in a happier world. Guidelines for happy living Follow your passion Do what you love and go where your heart is. There will be many […]

CEO voluntarily gives back bonus because of company’s poor performance

The CEO and his/her team are responsible for the performance of an organisation. Under normal circumstances the CEO and his/her team should be compensated for the good performance and penalised for the poor performance. But very rarely does the CEO and his/her get penalised for poor performance as most organisation base the remuneration of their […]

Ensure you get a good night’s sleep

Often times you jump out of sleep two hours after going to bed or fail to sleep for long hours because of your actions. The things you do an hour or less before going to bed have a huge impact on the quality of sleep that you will get.  Good sleep benefits your heart, weight […]

Thank you Master of the Universe for our gift

Dear Master of the Universe We thank you for the gift of life. We thank you for all wonderful things in our lives. We thank you for each day you have allowed us to live We thank you for your unconditional love We thank you for your protection against our going astray You neither leave […]

Thank you Master of the Universe for bringing me this far.

This is the right moment to remember and thank you, Master of the Universe, for the challenges and accomplishments, for the gift of life and for the abundant blessings. I thank you for blessings which have made me  reach this far. Dear Master of Universe I humbly come before you this evening with a long […]

I was created to succeed

Lord almighty father, you created me to succeed in life You gave an endowment of resources to use for the purpose You created me with a mindset to focus on success But quite often I complain and blame you for my failure in life Lord I fail to recognize the fact that you made me […]