Do not waste your time comparing yourself unfavourable with others

Do not waste your time comparing yourself unfavourable with others

If you want to succeed in life do not ever put yourself at a disadvantage through unfairly comparing yourself with other people. I have had people say that their failure to succeed in life is because they do not have similar blessings which other people have. They feel they would be successful in life if […]

Enhance your efficiency through asking for help

Quite often people find it challenging to ask for help and  assistance from colleagues or friends in carrying out work assignment either in the office or at home. The following are some of the reasons why people do not ask for help; Fear of delegation and losing control High degree of arrogance Fear of loss […]

Thank you Master of the Universe for the New Day

Almighty Master of the Universe, we come before you this morning with humble hearts, to thank you for the wonderful night we have heard, for the new sun rise, for your new mercies, wonders and miracles. Forgive us our sins and keep us safe from harm of the enemy throughout the day. Help us to […]

You cannot succeed when you live beyond your means

You cannot succeed when you live beyond your means

There are some people who are continuously broke from January to December every year because the money they earn is not enough to meet their needs. They find extremely difficult to reduce the expenditure to fit within the salary earned for fear of diluting their set standard of living. For example one may be earning […]

Knowing who you are

Almighty Father we come in your presence today, with hearts full of praise and worship of your Holy name. Father King of the Universe, we pray that you may open up our minds to know who we are We pray that you direct and guide us on the right path to take for success We […]

What is your purpose in life?

Many of us live in a world without knowing the purpose we were created? Were we created just to visit the world? Are we in the world to rest? Are we supposed to improve the world we live in? There are so many questions going in our minds. We therefore tend to struggle to live […]

Children are the future of the nation

Having children is a gift from God, as we are co-creators with God. We have a duty to love and teach our children and bring them up in the right way. We have to bring up responsible future leaders and parents of   our world. True love for our kids seriously means teaching them the values […]

Thank you Lord for the Year 2015

Oh Lord we acknowledge you as the source of everything You have been the same faithful God throughout the year Lord we confirm that your ways never fail We are now at close of another year We kneel before you in thanks giving We are more than humbled by your great works, We thank you […]

Be a Follower

The title of this post may not be very motivational. That’s why you are about to stop reading. But, anyone who aspires to lead must know that you have to be a great follower to be a good leader. Everyday we are in position to follow instruction whether while queuing in the bank, at the […]