Travelling is an investment for your success

ravelling is an investment for your success

Travelling within your country and beyond is a good investment which offers good returns. Through travelling you can see, smell, touch, feel and hear a lot for your benefit.  New ideas always come to your head and you also discover a lot of new information.  You come to know the needs of people   from different […]

You become wise through travelling

You become wise through travelling

God created you and breathed life into your body so that you could embark on your journey to success. It is life which makes you move, think, reason and grow among other things.  If this was not the case then you would have been created as a rock which does not have life.  You are […]

How to use your leisure time productively

Each one of us in life we tend to create some leisure time in a day and quite often we spend our free time chatting with friends and families. Sometimes we spend our time watching interesting programs on TV. You may also choose to play, read, or fulfill your other hobbies and interests. While you […]

Africa Tourism: Key Salt Lakes

Lake Assal is Africa’s lowest point and the world’s third-largest salt lake. The African continent is blessed with key salt lakes  read more  

The beauty of African culture

Visiting each other is part and parcel of the African culture. A visitor has to eat and drink otherwise he or she will never come again! As a result cooking and welcoming visitors has been one of my great passions in life since childhood as I grew up in a family which warmly welcomes visitors. […]