The Cost of Capital

Starting any business venture requires capital in the form of cash and sometimes in kind. Capital is necessary to acquire equipment, engage labor, procure raw materials and implement processes necessary for proper management  of the business. It is however important to note that the capital to run the business has a cost associated to it. […]

Starting a Business

Different people have different perspectives of how to start a business. The youth believe that once one has capital in the form of cash then that person can start business. Majority of graduates from universities and colleges believe that capital coupled with some work experience is necessary to start a business. The elite working class […]

Global Village

The world is truly becoming a global village faced with a lot of uncertainties including economic and financial crisis, threat of wars, strikes, unsafe environment for our children among others. These issues have to be brought to the attention of the public and our leaders in the various sectors if effective and relevant decisions have […]

How to enhance your capacity to save

People save for a number of reasons including the following; Education for children and self To acquire an asset like land , house , car and others For retirement Cater for emergencies like medical bills For vacations For marriage and birth of the child For you to enhance your capacity to save you have to […]

The Habit of Savings

Savings is the practice of putting cash aside in a safe place like a bank so that one can use it at a later date. Savings can either be for security and safety reasons or for planned future expenditure. Security and safety reasons could include medical  and any emergencies. One could also save cash to […]