Irritating habits by staff at work

Before you read this article, think about how you behave at work. Are you that person whom people are happy to see when you reach office, or you are that person whom people start cursing inside by your presence? The work place can become a frustrating place by irritating habits of employees, yet one is […]

Challenges organisation face in human capacity development

you can lead a human to knowledge but you cannot make him think

Human resources of an organisation represent what we call human capital which is a collection of staff knowledge, skills,   competencies, innovative and creative abilities which an organisation possesses among its staff compliment. Having a skilled, knowledgeable, competent, innovative and creative staff team is a deliberate effort by an organisation to empower its team with above […]

6 issues that matter to employees in an organisation

  I have had an opportunity to interact with a number of employees from various organisations with a keen interest of finding out from them the issues   that matter most to them in their work place. Is it the salary or the international nature of an organisation or is it the type of management or […]

Effective Recruitment Process

Organizations are formed with the aim of achieving their missions through effective use of key elements of an organization which include technology, processes and human resources. An organization brings right human resources on board through an effective recruitment process. An effective recruitment process  involves the attraction, selection and appointment of qualified and right people to […]

Does new staff vetting add value to the moral values of an organisation?

  Employees are a link between the organisation and customers and they are also the ambassadors of the organisation to the outside world. There are challenges that an organisation faces when recruiting staff that will competently attract, serve and retain current and potential customers of an organisation. The challenges will include the following; Interview may […]

Overstaffed organisations are a challenge to manage

Over staffing is the situation which arises when an organisation has more employees on-board than it requires to achieve its goals and objectives. For example an organisation’s plan is to engage 100 staff of different qualifications but the organisation has instead recruited 200 staff of different qualification. That means that there are two staff for […]

What do you do when you put your foot in your mouth

All of us realize the importance of maintaining good workplace relationships and don’t say or do things with the intention of offending anyone. What do you do when you put your foot in your mouth and you have offended someone? Do you cry? No.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could take back what you have said […]

Labour turnover can after all be good

labour turnover at a company

As employers we often deceive ourselves that potential employees have no choice but except to join us. This is not correct as I have come to learn. In the job market all employers are competing for the potential employees by offering attractive packages. It is also important to note that potential employees all have missions/goals […]

Do you have to waste your resources on training staff?

Do you have to waste your resources on training staff?

Yes I am afraid you have no choice except to spend the resources in training your staff. In life there are so many ways of learning formal and informal ways. The amount you take in and the result you get will very much depend on your mindset and the different ways you used in taking […]

How to overcome pressure of work

How to overcome pressure of work

In life you end up being promoted to a new position with enhanced responsibilities. The new responsibilities may or may not be familiar to you. Remember  you could be the only new  staff in the section or department and existing  are waiting to see your style of management. Many will adopt the wait and see […]