What can go wrong in the human resources department?

Human resource

  What can go wrong in the human resources department? The company may have in place both a good recruitment policy and a training program that attracts talented employees with adequate experience to the company. However, the employees who are the most treasured asset of any company may still leave the company because of other […]

Do employers contribute to the underperformance of their staff?

Do employers contribute to the underperformance of their staff

The underperformance of staff refers to the inability of staff to perform the duties of the role within a given time and also to behave properly at the workplace. Improper behaviour includes the tendency of negative attitude and non-compliance with the policies, rules, and procedures of the company. What causes the underperformance of staff Generally, […]

Why bother about recruitment of employees?

The employee recruitment is a process which guides an organisations in hiring new employees in the most effective, efficient and legal manner. Therefore the employee recruitment process should enable an organisation to achieve its mission, minimise wastage of resources and comply with the laws of the country. Why is it important to follow proper recruitment […]

Engaging Staff for high performance

I remember a few months ago I bought a good TV set for my mother and sent it straight home as a surprise gift to her. But alas the children at home failed to properly switch it  on and for sure my mum was temporarily disappointed with the TV which was not showing pictures. To […]

My encounter with poor performing staff

It is not an easy process when recruiting staff from the labour market. The market is imperfect and it has both good and bad potential employees.  Many of the potential candidates are the products of the academic spoon feeding program running from primary school through to institutions of higher learning. Some of the candidates have […]

Professional accountants are underutilised by some employers

A professional accountant is a member of an accountancy profession body that prepares its members to perform the role of a professional accountant. For one to become a member has to go through a set standard of education and training as specified by the accountancy professional body. Professional accountants are also expected to abide by […]

You need a Coach to promptly succeed in life

Your life journey can be lonely and boring especially if you do not have someone   to inspire you and to walk along with you to the world of success. This is a real great man or woman called a Coach. Calibre of a good coach Your coachshould be a person with great expertise, experience and […]

Focusing on God is the key to success

  Lord sometimes I just want to give up. My burdens are overwhelming. I don’t seem to ever catch up.  I can’t seem to get started. I feel the pain of stress, hurt and setbacks. Strengthen me to stand up knowing you are always with me. Fall fresh on me today so I can find […]

Planning for Your Retirement

Retirement is the point where a person retires or leaves formal employment or retires from active management of his or her business and goes to do other private/personal work at his or her own pace. Retirement   from very active life is part of our journey of life and it should therefore be included in our […]

Challenges of a board of directors

The roles and responsibilities of directors depend on the nature of business and the regulatory framework governing the organisation.  The key roles and responsibility of directors include the following among others; Recruiting chief executive officer Approving the strategy and road map for its implementation Policy formulation Protecting the interests of the shareholders Spokesmen of the […]