Our education system is not preparing us for success

Formal education is a powerful tool as it helps us to fight the challenges of ignorance, disease and poverty we all meet during our journey of life.  Formal education gives us the knowledge which we require to succeed in life.  Through formal education we can network  with anyone in the world, we are introduced to […]

Do we have effective teachers in primary school?

Effective teachers provide effective education to the children under conducive learning environment.  They apply the science of teaching   to fit the situation on the ground. They improve themselves through interacting with the environment and attending continuously teacher development programmes.  These teachers are liked by children because they create positive and friendly environment in class necessary […]

Business education in school

The business sector/private sector is the most important sector in our life and it cuts across all sectors. Despite its importance, business education is not emphasized in the education systems of most African countries. Many parents keep their   children away from business and money making until the children have completed school for fear of being […]


The success of an organization depends very much on the ability of its human capital to attract, serve and retain customers. The human capital links the organization with its customers and the wider market. The staff are the ambassadors of an organization. At Big Drum we offer you an opportunity to develop the following; Leadership […]

Educated people are not necessarily wise

Wisdom is not acquired through educational institutions. Educational institutions only equip their students with knowledge. The capacity to use your knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and sector knowledge in developing an effective solution to a life challenge is wisdom. Wisdom is therefore the cautious or shrewd or judicious application of knowledge to a given situation. […]

Relevant Education

Majority of the students in our education system come from rural areas where households only have basic resources at their disposal. People in rural areas live in communities sharing some of the basic resources at their disposal. They walk for kilometers to access public services. They plant crops in their gardens mainly for own consumption […]

Challenges faced by university students

Background It is always a thrill getting that acceptance letter of admission to the University of your choice. This is because since childhood you have been told by parents about the importance of education and going to university. And in some cases, parents tell you that you will earn your freedom as soon as you […]