The checklist for the board of directors

The checklist for the board of directors

The effectiveness of the directors of an organization is often affected by their failure to do important things because of a lack of someone or a tool to remind them. A checklist can be developed and applied by the board of directors to remind itself of things to do at the board level. The important […]

Why are you in business?

I am sure you want to be or you are already in business for purposes of making a return or profit  on the value of resources you have invested into the business.  The person who enables you to make a profit is a customer.  Your role therefore is to attract, serve and retain happy customers. […]

Does a business plan matter in the success of the business? (First Part)

you can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can't have it

Yes a business plan makes a difference of whether one will succeed or fail in business. Success in business will very much depend on the effort or time you spend on planning how to successful venture into business. A lot goes behind the scene before a business is launched on the market. The highlights of […]

Decline in revenue performance is a responsibility of management .

Decline in organisation’s performance takes place when    both gross revenue and net results after tax shows a significant downward trend on year to year. A decline in performance is a red flag or an indicator to management that all is not okay with an organisation.  The decline in performance puts management under pressure to take […]

7 things that chase away customers from your organisation

Your business organization exists to render quality goods and services to current and potential customers through the management and staff team. Therefore the role of management and staff team of any organisation has the following key components; To attract good customers to the organisation , To serve the customers in a satisfactory manner and To […]

Does a business plan matter in the success of the business? (Second Part)

A business plan is a road map which guides a promoter of   a business idea in moving   from the current state of the business to the desired future state. The determination or desire   to move to a future is a result of the   future state offering better returns than the current state. Who owns the […]

Does an internal auditor (IA) have a useful role in an organisation?

Do you still feel worried and uncomfortable when you learn that the IA is coming to conduct an audit in your department? Do you always prepare yourself to receive the bad news from the IA? Does the IA add any value to your department or is just a pin in the neck?   The days of […]

Business rejuvenation  is a remedy for declining organisations

Business rejuvenation is a remedy for declining organisations

Business rejuvenation is the process of enhancing the top and bottom line performance of an organization through the application of new ideas and methods. This results in effective and efficient application of organization’s resources. An organization as it grows old becomes weak and sick and will stop making profits and eventually die if prompt action to […]

Overcoming challenges of starting a business with little capital

Starting a small business with a capital of about US$ 100 is not as easier as it sounds especially among the elite members of the society. Many people would wish to venture into a business in a big way so that they can achieve success in the shortest time possible. They however forget that success […]