The lessons learned in the boardroom

The lessons learned in the boardroom

The time I have spent on different boards has given me a chance to enhance my leadership and oversight experience through networking with fellow board members and deliberations of papers submitted to the board by management.  I have attended several face-to-face meetings with senior management, internal and external auditors, and other stakeholders that have further […]

Thanks Lord I  have legs to  walk

Lord I thank you for my perfect legs It is arrogance on my part to take my legs as given Lord you created me with perfect  legs for a purpose I thank you Lord   for my legs I can walk without any assistance I can stand on my own I can dance I can climb […]

Your River of Life

Your River of Life

Every river has a source which may be a mountain, a rock, a lake and swamp among others sources from where it starts its journey to its final destination. Most rivers start their journey in a humble way, just as a small stream which grows bigger a long its way as it is joined by […]


Dear Father we come to Your throne of grace To give you praise, honor and worship We thank you Lord for this wonderful day you have given us Father we thank you for your unconditional love that surpasses everything We thank you for being patient with us despite our shortfalls We thank you Lord for […]


Merciful, loving and Gracious Lord we come to you on this Christmas Eve, We bow down, praise you and lift your name high as we prepare ourselves for the birth of the most Holy King of Kings On this holy night in which God joins heaven and earth we offer our bodies, souls and spirits […]

Lord bless my journey of life

Lord I thank you for my life I have made my journey of life with many colleagues Men and women from across the nations We have walked together to the finishing line We have together experienced happiness and sadness Lord I thank you for my life Lord my journey is becoming lonely The more I […]

When you mix with God great things happen

Lord you are great and there is nothing greater than You I thank you Lord for your unconditional love for me your servant despite your greatness Lord you are the beginning and end of everything under the universe You created oceans, lake and rivers. You created mountains, hills and the land which your creations occupy. […]

I am happy because I can see

Lord thank you for my eyesight It has helped me to move this far It has helped me to walk my journey Lord I can see things around me and beyond I can drive without any assistance I can see all your creation   around   me I can see happy and gloomy faces around This has […]

Lord you are so wonderful

Lord you are so wonderful, at the mention of your holy name, all knees bow down in adoration I thank you Lord for the gift of life and above all for your wonderful creation Lord may your name be lifted high above everything Father for your unconditional love and the uncountable blessings I am forever […]

I am nothing without God

Lord the giver of and source of life I adore you and glorify your mighty name I thank you for creating me in your own image I thank you for the wonders and miracles in my life I don’t know where I would be without you Father I thank you for your unconditional love and […]