Success is about focusing on meeting customer needs

I have always found it challenging to understand customers’ needs for purposes  of providing right and relevant solutions to the needs. The customers’ needs are as many as the customers in the market. Each customer has unique needs that have to be carefully understood in order to provide innovative  and relevant solutions.  For high level  […]

You have to know your potential customers

You have to know your potential customers

If you want to succeed in life then you have to know the type of customers you want to attract to your organisation. If you do not specify then any customer good or bad will qualify to be on your customer list. To help in building relationship with your customer, you have to specify the […]

Building relationship with potential customers

Building relationship with potential customers

Buyers of goods and services tend to do business with people or organisations they know and trust that they will meet their needs.  In most cases buyers want to do business with people they have interacted with or with people who have been recommended to them by other persons they trust. You cannot end up […]

Does a customer have any right?

Does a customer have any right?

The customer is a king and  is the reason why everyone in an organisation exists. Everyone in the organisation is at the service of the customer. The customer has a right to take his money somewhere else for spending. The customer  can only spend his or her money on our products and services if we […]

The Customer is the King

The importance of customers The customers of today have many suppliers from whom they can  get goods and services . They will only come to your business for supplies because of the quality customer service your business offers. Customers want to get supplies from providers who understand their needs and who are prepared to receive […]

Does success of my business depend on customers?

Yes, it is true that the success of your business very much depends on how well you treat your current and potential customers. Most organisations tend to render mediocre services to the customers mainly because they do not appreciate the following key issues relating to customers; Customer is a king The importance of the customer […]

Build effective relationships without stepping on people’s toes

You will meet a lot of people as you walk along your life journey to the world of success or failure depending on your mindset.   Your intention as you walk or drive or fly should be to build as many fruitful relationships as you can so as to enhance your capacity and chances to succeed […]

You can achieve your  revenue targets if you focus on it

ou can achieve your revenue targets if you focus on it

In order to meet your revenue or sale targets you have to build a sales team and a process to enable the team achieve its objectives. This is achieved through managing a sales pipeline. The sales pipeline refers to the steps taken by the sales team from identifying the target through to closing a sale.  […]