5 qualifications for a successful   farmer

A farmer is a person engaged in  farming activities of growing of crops ,fish farming,   keeping of   poultry , livestock and bees among other things   with the  aim of selling the farm produce  on the open market to earn  some income. Majority of farmers offload their   farm   produce on the market at low prices because […]

Sweet Potato

The sweet potatoes which came from tropical America are grown mainly on small scale as stable food in most parts of Africa.  The sweet potato is a starchy and sweet tasting tuberous root vegetable. Sweet potatoes have a creamy texture and a sweet taste that makes them nice to eat. Growing of potatoes They can […]

6 key success factors for viable commercial farming

I have been in farming activities of  food crops, timber trees,  fish , rabbits,  piggery , poultry  ,  dairy cattle  and bees  among other things  for a number of years without making  sustainable income.  I have come to the conclusion that farming is not as easy as most people tend to think. I have faced […]

Preservation of herbal plants in Katubwe- Banda Uganda

A lot of vegetation in Katubwe-Banda  has been  destroyed to free land   for  economic development activities. Some herbal plants are also dying because of environmental and  climatic  change  resulting from  human activities.  Herbal plants that normally grow in hilly areas of  Mende Hill  are being destroyed in the process of  mining   stones for construction projects. […]

Scary Question: What Will Happen if Natural Resources Run Out?

Written by: Anna Kucirkova. On our wonderful planet, there are multiple natural resources that help make life easier. We use trees for making paper products and they provide us with oxygen. We use natural gas to heat our homes and coal to help us produce electricity. Freshwater fish are a staple in the American diet […]


The Tomato is believed to be native to the Americas from as early as about 700 A.D.In the 16th century, Europeans were first introduced to tomatoes which were greatly welcomed in Southern Europe. Though the British admired the tomato for its beauty, they believed that it was poisonous because its appearance was similar to that […]

Tree farming

Tree farming is the process of planting a large number of tree seedlings and maintaining them until they mature into mature trees. The mature trees are harvested and applied to various uses. How to Plant a Tree Trees should be well spaced to provide space for them to full mature in height and size. Young […]