Capitalize on your blessings

Capitalize on your blessings

I have had people complaining that the Creator has not give them any blessings and that is why they have failed to succeed in life.  If you believe you are not blessed then the lack of blessings becomes a reality. In the situation of complaining of lack of blessings, you cannot see any blessings because your mind is blocked as far as blessings are concerned. Everybody in the world including yourself, the blind, the deaf, the disabled, the dump, the ugly, the beautiful, the smart and the slow learners are blessed. The challenge is often due to lack of determination in discovering ones blessings. Blessings are like an important message sealed in an envelope sent to you by your friend. You will never know what the message is all about until you open the envelope. You have therefore to take positive steps in discovering your blessings. Your blessings will remain useless to you until you discover them.  In life it is very easy to notice all the misfortunes, disasters and negative occurrences you are faced with and quite difficult to discover blessings. The bad things you encounter in life will always look very bigger and they will tend to overshadow your blessings.

Extent of blessings and challenges

Blessings tend to have a longer time dimension. For example if you are a gifted runner, you remain with the blessing till the time you cannot run. Even after retirement from active running, you can reap benefits of having experience in running by becoming a coach or a manager of the sports team. As you proceed with your journey you will meet many challenges along the way which can either disrupt or encourage you to proceed with your journey.  The good news all challenges are temporary in nature unless you decide to give them permanent residence in your mind. They disappear as soon as solutions to them are found.


How do you discover your blessings?

You can discover your blessings by just counting your blessings. You have to be prepared in counting your blessings as they are quite many. Get a book and a pen start writing down your blessings one after another until you complete them. Your list I am sure will include the gift of life, the gift of sight, the gift of speech and the gift of friends among others. You will be surprised with discovery of the many blessings which you possess but were unknown to you.  The list of blessings is expected to be long if you properly conduct the exercise.  I am sure you are surprised with the many blessings life has given you but you are disappointed that you have not fully utilized many of your blessings.  Your list of blessings is by far more than the blessings which you claim you do not possess. You should then rank your blessing in order of interest to you. The most interesting blessings to you will come first and the least interesting blessings to you will come last. You should capitalize on your top most interesting blessings as they are the ones which will make you succeed in life. Make it a stand practice to count your blessings every day and every moment. The negativity will not find room in your mind when your mind is focused on your blessings.


Practice your blessings

It is useless to have blessings for locking up in your mind.  Blessings stop being blessings if you do not put them into timely use.  You have to practice your blessings and use them for your success when you are still young and strong. For example, if you have a nice voice for singing, start singing and if you have a gift of public speaking, start giving public talks on topics which are relevant to the audience. Most of your burdens will disappear as soon as you start using your blessings for your success.

Share your blessings with others

There is a lot you get through sharing your blessings with others. For example I love giving inspiration talks to other people in order to motivate them to succeed in life. Quite often I deliver free talks to various audiences. What is the secret of spending so much time on sharing? I have come to learn the more I share my blessings and challenges in life with others, the more others share their blessings and challenges with me. I always get much more than I share out in terms of life lessons.  Through sharing my blessings and challenges with others I am able to enhance my knowledge and wisdom.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited