Can you be great if you are not prepared to be great

Can you be great if you are not prepared to be great

Yes you can as many ordinary people have done it.  But are you prepared to undergo what it takes to be great? Do you have the fire within you to be great?  Are you prepared to fail in life but rise up and move on? Do you have the faith and believe that you can be great?  Do you have a positive approach life? Do you ask yourself why you were created? Have you started working on your mission? Yes you can be great provided you answer affirmatively all the above. If the answers are not affirmative, you can start afresh as it never too late to be great.

Why do you want to be great?

You cannot be great unless you have a powerful reason for it and an urge within you to accomplish the mission. It is your mission, your urge or mindset coupled with action which will make you achieve greatness. Many of us know when we were born because we celebrate our birthdays but not exactly the mission we were born to accomplish. You cannot achieve greatness if you do not know why you were born.


Comfort zone and being great

Being great is not like staying in the best hotel or flying in the latest plane in the world. It is doing things beyond your current comfortable life which mankind has not yet accomplished. Great people have gone to the moon, have sailed around the world, have conquered great wars, have discovered medicine for killer diseases , have broken world records , have looked after the poor , have been peaceful , have been men and women among others  and you can also be among them by starting your journey of being now. You cannot be great with either you hands in your pocket or in the comfort of your bed, home and family.  Some have been declared great after they lost their life during the process of being great. It can be risky but it worthwhile to taking the risk


 Being great requires a lot of planning

Being great is not something you can achieve in a day but overtime. You have to be prepared to spend days and years on your mission of being great. You have to adequately plan for your mission to achieve greatness as most missions in this area are quite risky.


Recruiting a great team

The world has become a huge global village which you cannot access single handed. If check the products in your local supermarket, you will find they are coming from over the world.   You therefore need a multi-disciplinary approach to overcoming daily challenges which are manifesting themselves in different forms. You need to recruit a multi-disciplinary effective and winning team which is focused on the mission in order for you to succeed in your mission of being great. You can achieve a great mission with a great team.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited