What can go wrong with equipment?

What can go wrong with equipment?

Equipments are tools made or assembled for purposes of achieving more efficiency in the production of goods and services. Equipments work faster than better people and therefore they produce more quality goods and services. Digging an acre of land using a hoe can a take a number of days and the same work can be done by a tractor in a few hours. Equipments have to be handled with care as there are a number of things which can wrong with them  and the following are some of the issues to consider;

Equipment selection

The market is full of new and used equipments from different suppliers and countries and at various prices. The market is also full of crooks which you have to be aware of. You have to correctly specify the equipment   at the time of purchase to avoid buying equipments which will not meet your demands. You need to whether you want either diesel or electricity operated equipments. You need to verify the suppliers to ensure you are not dealing with crooks. You have to ensure you get value for money for your purchase.



Due to rapid technological changes equipments can become obsolete overnight without any warning. Obsolete equipments can no longer be competitive on the market in terms of production of quality goods and services in the right quantities. You have to know exactly what is happening in the technology market before you purchase. For obsolescence is high in IT subsector and low in farm equipments.


Lack of capacity to operate and maintain

Some equipment can be quite modern and complicated to operate and maintain. There is therefore a need to train staff who will operate and maintain the equipments. You have also to ensure that adequate supplies of spare parts are readily available on the local market.


Security of equipment

Security of equipment cannot be taken for granted in the current competitive world. It is advisable to insure the equipments and at the same time enhance the security both physical and non-physical around the equipments.