What can go wrong with employees?

What can go wrong with employees?

Employees provide a link between the organisation and the outside world. They are the only active component of the business. The resources of the business like land and capital will remain dormant unless employees take action to utilise them in their right proportions. The success or failure of the business depends on the capacity of human capital to overcome challenges.


The employees play a central role in the proper functioning of the organisation and therefore anything going wrong with the employees has a negative impact on the organisation. What can go wrong with employees includes the following;

Employee recruitment and retention

Care must be taken when hiring new employees to implement the strategy of an organisation. The employees must either have the capacity   or have the potential to be trained to attain the capacity to implement the business strategy of the organisation. Employees should be hired on the basis of their technical know-how and not on the basis of technical know-who. Hiring employees because they are connected with some key people within and without the organisation is not correct and tends to be very costly in the long run.


Positive mindset

The employees should have positive mindset to enable them positively react to the   various life situations facing the business on a daily basis.  Remember opportunities and challenges are the different faces of the same coin. One has to appreciate the different faces of the same coin and their impact on the business. The positive mindset will enable the staff to overcome the various challenges and to identify the opportunities brought about by the challenges.


Labour turnover

The stay of the employees with a particular organisation depends on the conducive environment created by the organisation to ensure the employees achieve both their personal and organisation’s goals. The organisation can easily be brought to its knees if it loses most of its competent staff. The labour turnover rate must therefore not go beyond the acceptable level. Some labour turnover is necessary due to natural causes and the need to enhance the capacity of the employees.



All the resources of the organisation are accessible by authorised employees to use for the purposes of the organisation. The organisation has however to implement adequate controls over the resources to avoid the assets being used by the employees for unauthorised purposes. Adequate controls must also be in place to prevent any possible staff malpractices.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited