You can achieve what you want provided you make up your mind

I have now come to believe that you can achieve what you want in life provided you have the determination to do so.  You may take some time to achieve but finally you will.


You have to believe in yourself in order to move forward despite the challenges. You are a master of your own destiny and no one will walk your journey but yourself.


Persistence and patience

You require persistence and patience to achieve your mission. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to reaching your desired goals. You meet failure on the way but you never give up. Take failure in life as a stepping stone to your success.


Positive mindset

You can only attain sustainable success if your mind is switched to a positive mindset mode.


Always surround yourself with positive minded people who will support you to succeed in life you.


You have got to be committed to walk your life journey following your strategy in order to achieve your mission. When you feel like giving up get up and affirm to yourself that you will make it.


The power of God

God will never abandon you even if you are lost. His always available to shower you with wisdom if you knock on his door of mercy.


Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki