Branding is key to business success

What people say about your business will make your business succeed or fail.  Positive comments attract business and negative comments chase away business.


Is your brand delivering something special?


Are your consumers emotionally connected to you through your brand?


If you do not sale a brand then you sale products.


The brand should reflect your company’s purpose for existing, and it should demonstrate that purpose to the world.

A brand as something that happens in your customer’s mind every time they hear your name.


What values come in the mind of the consumers when the name of the company is mentioned?


Tips on how to sustain your brand in the target market

  • Define the brand image that you want to project
  • Have a clear and consistent positioning
  • Consider what  people think when they hear your name
  • Develop a strong corporate culture
  • Commitment and discipline in  projecting  your brand well
  • Get your message to your target market
  • Show the advantages you want to be associated with the consumer of your products
  • Managing your marketing so that it makes a consistent impression in the mind of your target prospect
  • Build a long term relationship with your customers
  • Manage your brand which will create a strong emotional connection which fosters customer loyalty


It takes commitment and innovative ability to build a strong brand



Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,