Almighty Master of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth, giver of Life,we come before you this morning to thank you for the wonderful night and for allowing us to start on a new week. We humbly surrender all our plans of this week into you loving hands. We pray Almighty Father that you will bless the work of our hands, give us energy and  wisdom to do your will. Enable us Father to work with a positive mindset through out the whole week.  Open our hearts to receive you eternal Father and go before us on our path, what ever we plan to touch or do, reach their before us and remove all the blockages of the enemy Almighty Father.

In this week we pray Father that we will meet people who will uplift us as we move on our journey of success, we pray that we may see an opportunity in every challenge King of Glory. We pray for all your children through out the world grant them all their hearts desires. Bless each one of us much more than we deserve Father.


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