You become wise through travelling

You become wise through travelling

God created you and breathed life into your body so that you could embark on your journey to success. It is life which makes you move, think, reason and grow among other things.  If this was not the case then you would have been created as a rock which does not have life.  You are created with life so that you can get more value out of it through travelling around the world otherwise you will miss the valuable part of life. To succeed in life you have to exploit your opportunities and overcome your challenges during your journey of life.

Focus on important aspects of life

You are created to succeed in life and you can achieve it through focusing on your mission as you travel in life journey. You have to learn from your own successes and challenges in order to succeed in life. It is never too late to succeed in life as it all depends on your mindset. In life never take short cuts, for fear of missing out important lessons which are important for your success. The more you travel, the more life lessons you learn.


 Life is a dream becoming a reality

I am sure as you travel in your world you get many dreams   which unfortunately you do not implement.  You can only implement those dreams which you have focused your mind on and for which you have prepared an implementation plan to guide you. In my experience many interesting ideas came to my mind because of travelling. I know of so many friends who have become successful through the dreams which they had when they were travelling. During travelling, you are exposed to more intensive life lessons which enhance your knowledge in doing things.


Why are you in the world?

You are in the world to achieve you mission and you can only achieve your mission through doing things which other people have not done before. You have to be both innovative and creative in life .You have therefore to adventure   in order to discover life.  I did not know how good Zanzibar is until I adventured into Zanzibar.  It was an adventure as I got lost on a number of occasions. I discovered how determined I was through getting lost in the spices gardens. I had a determination to find my way back to the hotel.  You cannot therefore find life unless you look for it through adventure.


In travelling you are taught by life

Many of the things which have made me succeed in life are not what I picked from school. In school I  acquired knowledge and life has given me life lessons which I can apply to succeed in life. The life lessons will not find you in  your own comfort zone. You have to adventure and look for them. I do not know  people who have succeed in life and yet hate travelling. Travelling exposes us to new ideas and experiences which help us to overcome our current challenges.


The ignorant people in the world

You cannot succeed in life if you are ignorant of the world as a result of not travelling around the world. To most people the world is their home country and city.  I have come across people in Hong Kong asked me where Africa is located.  One confessed that Africa is in the USA and the other said Africa is part of South Africa. The opportunities are found in the world and you therefore to travel around the world to find them. You become smarter by just travelling around the world.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited