Attracting right employees

Young graduates like working with organisations with powerful brands which will enable them to develop their career. They are convinced of success provided they associate with high profile organisation and people. The high profile organisations give the employees a platform to brand themselves for success. The aspects of an organisation which attracts good staff include the following;

Location of the office

Young  graduates prefer to work for high profile urban organisations with posh offices and located in posh areas.

Career programmes

The organisation must have clear career development programs in both technical and soft skill areas


Internship programme

Organisations with formal internship programmes are more attractive to graduates as the internship programme demonstratesthe interest and commitment the organisation has in them.



Most young employees want to work with organisations that pay well, so that they can be able to meet their needs.

Employee welfare programme

The existence of a good employee welfare programme is a demonstration by the organisation of its commitment to the welfare of staff. Good young people want to work with organisations which are committed to their welfare.


Values driven organisation

Employees are attracted by organisations which are value driven and have established cultural behaviour.


Corporate social responsibility

Engagement in corporate social responsibility activities highlights the contribution of the organisation to the community as a good citizen. A good citizen is committed to the welfare of others.


The organisation must establish an attractive and conducive environment to both potential and existing staff.

John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,