Are you living a life worth living?

I am sure the Master of Destiny created you for a purpose or mission for you to fulfil on this continent otherwise there is no need whatsoever for you to continue living. The continent is full of both opportunities and challenges and it is only the determined who can succeed. You are therefore still living in order to succeed in your mission. He has also given you the freedom to develop both your mission and the plan to achieve it. He has made it clear to you that He will support you to be victorious in your mission. The ball is therefore in your court to find out exactly why you were created in order to start your journey to the world of victorious people.

Positive mind-set

It is up to you to program your mind either for success or for failure in life. You have the option to program your mind positively in order to become victorious or negatively so that you can become a failure in life. The right choice is to program your mind positively.  You have to help as many people as you in reprogramming their mind-set in positive mode. You will easily succeed in life if you are surrounded with positive minded colleagues. People with the negative mind-set will tend to discourage you from succeeding in life.


You cannot run away from leadership as you have a responsibility to leave this world better than you found.  You have to help others to do the right things. You have to set the direction and at the same inspire other people to follow the same direction. The direction must be leading people to the world of victory. You have to be a creative and an innovative leader for others to be encouraged to follow you. You have to bring up your children as responsible leaders and parents of tomorrow, you have to show the community around you the right things to do.

You are at the service of other people

The days of bossing around people with the hope they will help you to achieve you mission is long gone. You have to focus on the needs of your staff, customers and people around you. You have to serve them so that they can be encouraged to help you achieve your mission.  Remember in business it is you who wants to be supported by staff, customers and suppliers of goods and services. Try as much as possible to meet people’s needs and the same people will be motivated to support you with determination.   You can get the maximum out of people through appreciating, listening , respecting  and developing them.You have also to be prepared to serve other people without always expecting payment for services rendered. You can only enhance your knowledge through sharing the little you have with others and others will also share what they have with you.

Peace maker

As peace maker you have share you knowledge with other people on how best to overcome conflicts at work place, in their home and in their country.  You have to be prepared to bring about peace to parties who have conflicts. You have therefore to be a good and trusted arbitrator, peacemaker, mediator, negotiator and moderator who can be called upon to bring about peace. People will always perform to the best in production of goods and services if they have a peace of mind.

You have to be kind

There are so many people in the world who are suffering for various reasons because they do not have the basic necessities of life like love, food, clothing, medical care and housing. Many are suffering because some other people in the world have amassed so much wealth and they do not know what to do with it. This is made once when the environment around the suffering people is not conducive enough to engage in gainful activities. You have to extend your hand of love and kindness to the people who are not as fortune as you are to enable them meet the basics of life. The Master of Destiny will for sure not be happy with us   if we let people He has created to die of hunger, ignorance and disease because they cannot afford them.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited