Are you always hunting for opportunities?

Are you always hunting for opportunities?

I have come to learn that everywhere around us there are many opportunities to exploit in order to succeed in life. On many times we cannot see these opportunities because our mind is not  focused on looking for them. Many of us wrongly believe that opportunities will come to us. No they will never. You have to move up and down searching for opportunities. The search is further complicated by the fact that opportunities will always appear before you  dressed as challenges and obstacles. Do not run away from challenges and obstacles as they are the opportunities you are looking for. We succeed in life through overcoming other people’s challenges  in their life.


I am sure you have had one time in your life  some serious hunger  to extent you are prepared to eat any food brought to you in order to quench your hunger. To cure your hunger the food given to you must be adequate. Little food like a half cup of porridge will make your situation worse. This example applies to success. You have to aim high in order to achieve big.  What makes you achieve big depends on the goals you have put in your mind. Big goals bring in big results and small goals bring in small results.


You are running your own race

Always remember you are that you are running your own race to the finishing line. It is you who defines the speed at which you want to move during your journey.  It is you who will put in extra effort in order to become a winner in your mission using  your own highway. In success you are not competing with anybody. Many people can become winners in success at the same time. When you become a billionaire does not mean you have blocked others from becoming billionaires. Success in life is therefore not like a marathon race where there is only one winner. Many people can succeed in their different missions at the same time.


You are an architect and engineer of your highway

Once you fixed your mission in your mind , you have to move to the next step of deciding on how you will move from your current state to your mission in life. You have designed and implement the highway (plan) which will take you to your mission. The plan is unique and focused on you and your mission to success. Your success will depend.


You have to make sacrifices 

Success is not a walk-over as it involves a lot of sacrifices. You have to divert your mind from others things to your mission. You have to work hard with determination in order to achieve your mission. Your journey to your mission is expected to have a lot of challenges and obstacles which you must overcome and move on. Your journey to success will involve risk taking and it can also result in physical pain. The result of your sacrifice is the success in your life as a result of achieving your mission.


Success will not come to you

Success will never find you in the comfort of your bed or compound. You must be on the move looking for it. You must be very busy in the implementation of your plan. You must be prepared for failure in the process of preparing to receive it. Failure energies as it shows you ways which do not work and encourages you to look for ways which work. Success is attracted by those who are looking for it.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited