Are you a good leader for your organisation?

Are you a good leader for your organisation?

A good leader is a person who lives by example focused on his or her goal and is an inspiration to other people. Success of an organisation depends on the leadership capacity of the Chief Executive Officer. He sets the tone at the top for his or her team to emulate. The leader must live the ethical values of an organisation if at all the staff have to live them.  A good leader creates other leaders through implementing effective and winning teams.  He attributes the success of an organisation to the team and he takes responsibility when the team fails to meet the goals. The leader is not after self publicity but the success of his or her team in meeting the target


A good leader is focused on mission and has a clear

A good leader knows the current state of affairs   of an organisation and is focused on the mission of the organisation and has a clear plan which will enable the organisation to achieve its mission.


A leader has to be innovative and creative

A leader should have the ability to come up with new ideas and processes that give a better and faster solution to the various challenges. He has to think differently in order to come up with innovative and creative solutions.


A good leader is a good communicator

Success in life is also a function of the quality of information you have at your disposal. This is so because the quality of information directly impacts on the quality of decisions and the final output. A good leader therefore puts in place an effective management information system to produce up-to-date quality information for decision making.


A good leader encourages high performance

Success in life is about working with determination to achieve a defined goal in life. Success is measured in terms of the results achieved compared to the plan you set out to implement. To succeed in life you have to consistently achieve results which are at least equal to your plan. A good leader therefore encourages high performance in order to achieve the organisation’s plans.


A good leader supports his or her team

In the journey to the world of success one is confronted with a lot of challenges whereby he or she needs determination, encouragement and support in order to keep moving on. A good leader should be prepared to support or inspire his or her team to success.


A good leader recognizes exceptional performance.

A good leader must support and encourage his team to perform and achieve exceptional results. It is exceptional results which will make the organisation achieve its goals on a consistent basis. A leader has to inspire his team to achieve exceptional results and the team has to celebrate and be recognised for its exceptional performance.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited